Our Projects

sonnevera has completed a wide range of waste reduction projects for a diverse group of clients across Alberta. Learn more about the solutions we provide by exploring our project portfolio.

Waste System Reviews and Diversion Plans

Waste Management Master Plan (2020), City of Lethbridge

sonnevera is developing a comprehensive Waste Management Plan to guide the future of waste diversion and prevention-related activities within the City of Lethbridge. Specifically, the plan will leverage existing programs and propose new programs / activities to further Lethbridge’s waste diversion potential.

Waste Servicing Strategy (2020), Rocky View County

sonnevera completed a Solid Waste Servicing Strategy for Rocky View County in partnership with Tetra Tech and Stack’d Consulting. The team is reporting on the current Rocky View County waste servicing context, setting strategic goals and performance measures for waste and recycling service, and determining definitions for levels of service.

Waste Reduction Strategy (2019/2020), Town of Rocky Mountain House

The Town of Rocky Mountain House requested sonnevera complete a Waste Reduction Strategy as a part of their strategic priority of becoming an environmental leader. sonnevera completed a visual waste audit, recycling depot and transfer station user surveys, best practice review, ICI online survey, data review, and provided future programming recommendations.

5 Year Regional Waste Management Plan (2018), West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority

sonnevera completed a regional waste management plan for West Yellowhead Waste Management Authority which includes the municipalities of Jasper, Hinton, Edson and Yellowhead County. The plan focused on the region's six priority initiatives including a regional organics facility, packaging regulations and education, ICI waste diversion assistance, public spaces recycling, C&D recycling, and economic incentives.

Municipal Solid Waste Composition Study / Strategic Plan (2018), City of Yellowknife

sonnevera completed a Solid Waste Composition Study and Waste Management Strategic Plan for the City of Yellowknife. The project included a waste audit, landfill analysis, waste generation forecast, and strategic waste management plan with the goal of achieving the City's target of 40% diversion. Extensive stakeholder consultation also took place with residents, businesses and the multi-family sector.

NWT Waste Resource Strategy (2018), Government of Northwest Territories

sonnevera assisted the Government of Northwest Territories with drafting a waste management strategy as well as the development of an implementation plan. Christina also provided facilitation for the stakeholder review session which provided input into the draft strategy.

Landfill Strategy Study (2018), Town of Drayton Valley

sonnevera worked with Tetra Tech to undertake a study to assess elements of the Aspen Waste Management Facility (AWMF) and outline options and recommendations to enhance the municipality's programming, with a focus on enhancing landfill life expectancy and addressing future operations through innovative methodologies.

Cochrane Eco Centre Operational Review, Town of Cochrane (2017)

sonnevera completed an assessment of Cochrane's Eco Centre operational needs based on factors including demographics, recycling markets and Town program developments. This assessment helped define the role the Eco Centre will play in the Town of Cochrane's future waste management system.

Facility Waste Review Manual, City of Red Deer (2017)

sonnevera developed a manual for the City of Red Deer to review their facilities with respect to waste management diversion infrastructure. The manual included a best practice checklist that was tailor made for the City in preparation for hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games. Manual components and recommendations were based on facility site inspections and current available diversion options.

Solid Waste Management Program Review and Waste Reduction Strategy (2017), Lac La Biche County

sonnevera developed a waste reduction strategy for Lac La Biche County, including programming options to reduce per-capita waste generation rates to 500 kg/capita by 2035 through increased waste diversion in both residential and commercial sectors.

West Yellowhead Waste Reduction Planning (2016-17), West Yellowhead Recycles

sonnevera worked with West Yellowhead Recycles (West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority) on implementation of waste reduction and diversion planning approaches.

Recycling Program Renewal at Whistler and Wapiti Campgrounds (2016-2017), Municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada

sonnevera reviewed current waste and recycling operations, is researching opportunities and providing recommendations for an enhanced waste reduction and diversion program for Whistler and Wapiti campgrounds in Jasper National Park. The project will offer opportunities to showcase excellence in environmental stewardship through progressive waste management, while maintaining operational efficiency and safety.

Solid Waste Management Plan – Cross Roads Commercial Park (2016), Balzac Commercial Campus Ltd. Partnership

sonnevera developed a waste management plan for the Cross Roads Commercial Park, including waste streams, diversion opportunities and communication / education approaches.

Enhanced Recycling Program Evaluation (2015), City of Airdrie

In partnership with CH2M Hill, sonnevera assisted with an assessment of the potential diversion performance and program costs of two enhanced residential recycling programs in the City, including an expanded depot system and curbside collection. sonnevera led the public engagement activities to support the assessment.

State of Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion in Calgary (2014-15)

sonnevera conducted a report outlining the current state of C&D waste management practices in the City of Calgary, including trends that influence generation and diversion within the C&D sector, issues driving or limiting reduction and diversion practices, and other factors that impact C&D waste diversion.

Solid Waste Management Plan (2014-15), Syncrude Canada

sonnevera developed a Solid Waste Management Plan for Syncrude’s Fort McMurray facility that addressed both collection and diversion / recycling opportunities. The plan detailed opportunities and options for waste reduction as well as segregation and enhanced recycling at the facility.

Long-Range Waste Management Strategy and Analysis (2012-13) - Town of Drayton Valley 

Drayton Valley monumentsonnevera, in partnership with Maura Walker & Associates and XCG, is developing a long-range integrated waste management strategy and analysis report to establish a strategic direction and planning framework for waste management in Drayton Valley. The Strategy will present solutions to waste handling, as well as enhanced recycling and waste diversion opportunities for the Town and surrounding region. The resulting strategy will include recommendations for practical and cost-effective waste management solutions, including short-term (1-5 years), mid-term (5-10 years), and long-term (20-30 years) implementation plans.

Waste Management Review (2012) - Town of Blackfalds 

Blackfalds mottosonnevera international corp. was contracted to conduct a high level Waste Management Review and provide recommendations for improvement pertaining to the provision of services associated with the management and handling of municipal solid waste. The Town would like to achieve higher diversion rates while lowering relative amounts of waste destined for disposal.

Integrated Solid Waste Management Master Plan (2012) - City of Red Deer 

Red Deer waste management eduaction centresonnevera, in partnership with Maura Walker & Associates and XCG, developed an integrated solid Waste Management Master Plan (WMMP) to establish a strategic direction and planning framework for waste management in Red Deer for the next 25 years. The WMMP is a comprehensive document that will provide clear direction for program delivery and development for 2013–2023, as well as the vision to guide The City of Red Deer's Waste Management Section's direction from 2023–2038, and was developed through an inclusive and consultative process.

Solid Waste Management Review (2012) - Town of Edson / Yellowhead County 

Edson recycling depotsonnevera international, in conjunction with 2cg, worked on the Town of Edson/Yellowhead County Solid Waste Management Review. All aspects of the existing residential program were reviewed. Case study research on residential diversion options took place along with peer municipality research and waste audits of up to 100 homes. Options for ICI waste diversion were also presented.

Solid Waste Management Program Review and Waste Reduction Strategy (2012) - Town of Hinton 

"Hinton Recycles" trucksonnevera completed a solid waste reduction strategy and implementation plan for the Town of Hinton. The project included an assessment of the existing waste management system, and the development of options and recommendations to enhance the municipality's programming, with a focus on waste reduction and diversion, over the next 25 years.

Solid Waste Management Strategy and Implementation Work Plan (2012) - Municipality of Jasper

Jasper's bear-proof waste binsIn the summer of 2011, sonnevera international corp. was contracted by the Municipality of Jasper to conduct a Solid Waste Management Strategy. The methodology included background research, as well as extensive interviews with representatives from the municipality, Parks Canada, local community organizations and businesses. This local research, combined with best practices research into programming in other communities, provided the context required for compiling recommendations and strategies to assist in the evolution of Jasper's waste management system.

Recycling & Solid Waste Management Plan (2011) - University of Calgary

University of Calgary signsonnevera completed a recycling and waste management plan for the University of Calgary, with the intention of meeting the U of C's established goal of 80% waste diversion by 2020, while also aligning with other goals, guiding principles and strategy criteria that were adopted during stakeholder consultations.

Solid Waste Diversion Study (2010) - Town of High River

High River Recycling Depotsonnevera conducted a Solid Waste Diversion Study for the Town of High River. All aspects of the existing residential and commercial programs were reviewed, including operational procedures. Visual residential and commercial waste surveys took place along with a peer municipality review and extensive research on the waste management, reduction and diversion options presented. Public stakeholder consultation was also undertaken to inform the process.

Solid Waste Management Review (2009) - Town of Edson / Yellowhead County

Edson recycling depotsonnevera undertook the Town of Edson / Yellowhead County Solid Waste Management Review. All aspects of the existing residential program were reviewed. Case study research on residential diversion options took place, along with peer municipality research and waste audits of up to 100 homes. Options for ICI waste diversion were also presented.

Kananaskis Improvement District (2009)

Kananaskis mountainssonnevera international, in association with 2cg, helped to determine the inventory of recycling infrastructure and systems and develop recommendations for a consistent and efficient recycling system for this district.

Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy (2009) - City of Airdrie

Airdrie Recycling Depotsonnevera international developed an Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy that covers existing program review and analysis, best practices work on diversion options, internal and Environmental Advisory Board consultation, and an overall zero waste strategy.

Solid Waste Management System Review (2008) - City of St. Albert

St. Albert garbage trucksonnevera international, along with LCE Logistics and Kelleher Environmental, conducted a Solid Waste Management System Review. All aspects of the existing program were reviewed, including operational procedures. Best practices work on diversion options, PAYT analysis and a review of local and Alberta municipal programs also took place. A suite of residential options, along with ICI diversion options, was presented to the City as part of the final report.

Waste Reduction and Diversion Master Plan (2008) - City of Lethbridge

cardboard bales in Lethbridgesonnevera international, in conjunction with Alberta Waste and Recycling and Kelleher Environmental, worked on a City of Lethbridge Waste Reduction and Diversion Master Plan. This work included significant stakeholder consultation with designated groups in the residential; construction and demolition and industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Additional research was conducted for a current program assessment, best practices, an ICI visual waste survey and waste stream analysis to assist in developing waste reduction and diversion strategies for the City of Lethbridge.

Waste Services Management Plan Revision and Waste Management Public Review (2006) - Strathcona County

Sherwood Park recycling depotsonnevera conducted a review of historical data, specified existing waste management services and waste diversion options, and presented recommendations for improvements on and expansion of existing waste diversion, minimization and recycling programs. Participation in the County's consultation process to provide a public review of Strathcona County's waste management system and available options also took place.

Waste Reduction / Recycling Options and Implementation Plan (2005) - Suncor Energy

Christina Seidel at Suncorsonnevera reviewed current waste management practices throughout the Suncor oilsands facility, developed a waste reduction / recycling plan for Suncor residential camps and identified opportunities for waste segregation and recycling in main plant operations.

Commercial Waste Management and Reduction Programming Options (2005) - Town of Olds

Olds commercial waste and cardboard binssonnevera researched current practices and potential opportunities in order to develop a strategy for providing fair and equitable waste service to the Olds commercial sector, while also enhancing waste diversion.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Review and Recommendations (2005) - Gulf Canada Square

common area recycling binssonnevera reviewed existing waste generation, material characterization, and waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Developed recommendations to assist with increasing recycling opportunities, initiating a composting program, employee education, waste reduction initiatives, a building procurement program and tenant environmental culture.

Recycling Program Design (1992-1994), Town of Banff

Banffsonnevera designed an efficient and cost-effective municipal recycling program for the Town of Banff; considering factors such as integration into existing waste management practices and the unique situation of a vibrant tourist-oriented town within a national park.

Other Projects

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Tire Recycling across Canada (2020), Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies

sonnevera is providing project management for an LCA of Scrap Tire Management Programs across Canada. The project will provide management organizations a better understanding of the environmental impacts/benefits of current tire recycling practice and assess which management options perform best under province-specific circumstances.

Circular Economy Gap Analysis (2018), CCME, Waste Reduction and Recovery Committee

sonnevera identified gaps in Canadian policy, programming, and practices that are posing as barriers to the transition of plastics management to a circular economy. Building on this research, potential solutions and opportunities for action on plastics in Canada were recommended that were circular economy focused.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Used Oil Materials Recycling in Alberta (2016), Alberta Used Oil Management Association

sonnevera is leading an LCA of Alberta's Used Oil Materials Recycling Program that builds on the extensive Used Oil LCA model developed by CalRecycle for California used oil, and is intended to assist the management association in assessing the relative environmental impacts of various dispositions for used oil, filters and containers.

Assessment of Economic and Environmental Impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility Programs Operating in BC (2013 and 2016), BC Ministry of Environment

sonnevera collaborated with Morrison Hershfield and Glenda Gies and Associates to measure the economic and environmental impacts of EPR programs in BC. As part of the 2016 phase of the project, sonnevera developed a comprehensive impact model that will allow for ongoing updates of program impacts.

EPR in the North Workshop (2015), Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)

sonnevera provided guidance on workshop design and provided facilitation services for a workshop with producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and stewardship organizations, and other key stakeholders, on EPR service delivery in northern and remote regions in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The workshop explored solutions to the unique challenges facing these regions.

Summary of Targeted Materials for EPR in the North (2014), Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)

sonnevera compiled a baseline information report on materials flows and waste management systems for specified product categories in the territories and remote parts of the provinces to inform discussions undertaken at a workshop with producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and stewardship organizations to consider ways of advancing EPR and stewardship in these regions.

Jurisdictional Scan of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Programs (2014), BC Ministry of Environment

sonnevera conducted research that provided for a description of oversight strategies in a variety of jurisdictions, and evaluated their effectiveness in terms of program performance and addressing noncompliance. The main components of the project were a jurisdictional scan, BC-based interviews and summary recommendations

Waste Reduction and Diversion in BC: Towards Zero Waste (2014), BC Ministry of Environment

sonnevera was part of a national consulting team led by Maura Walker & Associates to develop a series of "best practice" case studies that support efforts to reduce the generation and increase the diversion of organic and construction, renovation, and demolition (CR&D) wastes.

Canadian EPR and Product Stewardship Programs - Review of Organizational Structure and Financing (2013), Government of Northwest Territories, Environment and Natural Resources

To assist the Government of the NWT in planning its future programs, sonnevera undertook a research project to review how provincial/territorial jurisdictions in Canada manage their EPR / product stewardship and related waste diversion programs. The review included organizational structure and financing of relevant programs in other Canadian jurisdictions.

ICI Waste Diversion Stakeholder Engagement (2012/13), City of Lethbridge

As a partner in a team led by EBA, sonnevera international corp. is involved in a project to undertake the engagement of the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) stakeholders in the Lethbridge region. The information and feedback gained from the stakeholders will help determine the functionality and barriers to the implementation of a variety of waste diversion programs. As part of the project, a processor analysis will also identify options for meeting future processing needs of the ICI and C&D diversion programs.

Construction And Demolition Waste Diversion Stakeholder Engagement Project (2012), City of Calgary

As a partner in a team led by EBA, sonnevera international corp. helped undertake stakeholder engagement with Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste stakeholders in the Calgary region. The stakeholder engagement sessions will be used to discuss The City's role in C&D waste diversion and the proposed next steps adopted by Council.

ICI Waste Diversion Stakeholder Engagement Project (2012), City of Calgary

As a partner in a team led by EBA, sonnevera international corp. helped undertake the stakeholder engagement portion of the development of a strategy to increase waste diversion from the ICI sector as part of tackling the City's goal of achieving 85% waste diversion by 2020.

Household Hazardous Waste End-of-Life Management Options (2012), Alberta Environment and Water

To aid in an assessment of stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) models as options for the management of household hazardous waste, Alberta Environment contracted sonnevera to research information regarding existing end-of-life management options for HHW and a literature review that provides knowledge and direction regarding the environmental impacts of these end-of-life management options.

Life-Cycle Assessment of Scrap Tire Recycling Options (2010), Alberta Recycling Management Authority

sonnevera provided project management and technical services to the Tire Recycling LCA Project, as part of the Project Management Team. The project included development of an Alberta-specific LCA process for the review of scrap tire processing alternatives, as well as assessment of selected technologies.

Project Management for Literature Review of Existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Research for Electronics, Paint, Used Oil & Containers, and Beverage Containers (2010), Alberta Stewardship Organizations

sonnevera assisted Alberta’s Waste Stewardship Delegated Administrative Organizations (DAOs) in project managing a lifecycle assessment (LCA) literature review on the alternative uses and dispositions of materials designated for recycling or safe disposal under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

European Union Waste Policies Research (2009), BC Environment

BC Environment contracted sonnevera to research European Union, and other notable international, waste policies in the context of gathering scoping information to assist in the development of waste policy in British Columbia.

Diversion Strategy for Construction and Demolition Waste in Calgary (2007), The City of Calgary (CH2M HILL lead consultant)

sonnevera, in partnership with CH2M HILL worked on this Waste & Recycling Services project. The report compiles information collected from six key stakeholder meetings and formulates recommendations for a City of Calgary C&D strategy that focuses on six key elements. This strategy is one component towards the City meeting its “80/20 by 2020” goal of reducing 80 percent of the total waste stream from landfill by 2020.

Scrap Metal Recovery and Recycling in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories (2007), Natural Resources Canada

sonnevera, through the Recycling Council of Alberta and in conjunction with Northern CARE, conducted a survey on existing stockpiled scrap metal in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories in addition to researching related regulations, existing programs and associations, transportation and market options, and funding opportunities. A stakeholder consultation workshop took place in Yellowknife that was attended by municipalities, the territorial government, and transportation companies and a recycler.

Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste Materials: Opportunities in Waste Reduction and Diversion and Stakeholder Consultation (2006), Alberta Environment

sonnevera and sub consultants Kelleher Environmental, Wild Earth Associates and Strategy Matters completed a project for Alberta Environment that identified opportunities for waste reduction in the C&D sector, and developed a proposed provincial program to address this waste stream. As part of this work best practices in C&D environmental stewardship were researched and program managers were interviewed in North America and England. Sonnevera also assisted Alberta Environment in conducting province-wide stakeholder consultations to obtain feedback on the proposed program, and to develop an implementation plan.

State of Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion in Calgary (2006), The City of Calgary (CH2M HILL lead consultant)

sonnevera, in partnership with CH2M HILL, and Kelleher Environmental, was retained by Waste & Recycling Services (W&RS) to prepare a report on the current State of Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste in the City of Calgary. The report summarized the current practices for managing C&D waste within the City’s ICI and C&D sectors, researched C&D best management practices implemented by other municipalities (Canada & the US), explored/identified potential recommendations for approach to future diversion strategies.

Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship for Packaging and New Print Materials in Other Jurisdictions (2006), Alberta Environment

sonnevera researched jurisdictions, both in Canada and internationally, that have developed stewardship or EPR programs to address waste packaging and printed materials. This research provided context to future program planning for Alberta.

Full-Cost Assessment of Alberta's Stewardship Programs (2006), Alberta Environment

sonnevera worked in partnership with Anielski Management to conduct a full-cost assessment of Alberta's stewardship programs, including all economic, environmental and social costs utilizing Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and Genuine Wealth Accounting sustainability performance measurement tools.